Collaborate and Automate Processes

We Help Teams to Collaborate and Automate Processes

We assist in assimilating DevOps tools and processes, Connect internal and remote sales, support , dev or any other team regardless of the tools they are using with our SyncNow Platform and help them work together



With SyncNow every team can collaborate from within their work system with other teams


No more isolated teams, connect work systems with SyncNow and reflect teams work, create unified business processes over mutiple work systems

Unified View

Enrich, connect and Sync with SyncNow and get a unified view of your business work progress, code ,quality , security, defects and much more with SyncNow


We offer DevOps services | Consulting

DevOps Services

Our DevOps automation consulting services will assist your team to design, build, deploy and maintain faster while incorporating quality and security automated processes

Below a sample of DevOps Implementation Scenario


Analyze the current work process. Check the usage of ALM tool, traceability, code methodology, build, deploy and test procedures

Work Plan

Devise DevOps implementation plan. Assist in choosing the ALM work systems. Assist in choosing the CI, CD, test automation, configuration management, automated monitoring tools and design automated processes

ALM Systems

Configure your ALM systems, enable traceability to code, quality , build, security. We are experts in Azure DevOps and In JIRA


Migrate to git if planned, set best practices to work with code, versioning, centralized and decentralized

Continious Integration

Set up continuous integration with build tools. We have expertise in Jenkins, Azure DevOps Build. Containerize if needed, set artifacts repository such as Nexus | jFrog

Continious Deployment

Setup Release Management Pipelines, automate deployment of the product and of the infrastructure with tools like Ansible, Terraform. Deploy to K8s, create helm charts and deployments

Continious Testing

Establish the required tools to test from Development with Unit Test and Functional Automatic Testing, SAST and DAST, integrate testing into CI-CD pipeline.


Establish monitoring of environments with tools such as prometheus, Grafana, Zabbix, Nagios, ELK for logging


OUR services | Solutions

DevOps Consulting Services

DevOps Implementation Services

Azure DevOps Services

Containers Kubernetes Services

Atlassian Consulting Services

DevOps CI-CD Services

DevOps Release Management

AWS Consulting Services

Infrastructure Automation

Code Management




Connect Teams for increased Collaboration

The work was done for an enterprise company that had several disconnected Azure DevOps instances and large external subcontractor working with JIRA.

The company had broken collaboration with its sub-contractor and lack of visibility

After we have deployed and configured SyncNow they teams could work as they were working with one work systems with shared visibility and unified view.

Containerize MicroServices Solution

The work was done for a large company that replaced its existing product with a new solution based on node.js, java, embedded devices and several data stores.

We have designed the DevOps process and set the tools for the solution:

Establishing code dev processes with gitflow Creating CI processes running unit tests, producing containers and storing them in repository, with jenkins and Nexus
Creating CD processes deploying a release with multiple microservies, setting an environment with Terraform while running containerized automatic tests

Setting DevOps Processes over Azure DevOps

The work was for a company that worked manually for build and deploy which led to hours of work for deployment.

We have planned a solution for the company on top of Azure DevOps :

Configuring Azure DevOps Process Migrating the teams from TFVC to git and establish work with git best practices Setting CI over Azure DevOps with building artifacts automatically Setting CD over Azure DevOps with Azure DevOps over multiple environments with approvals

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